887 [NH] [HA] [LE] [RK] - [AM] and [KF] -

[NH]: This is the last possible location for anyone of these jungle people to be in.

[RK]: A bit racist, huh.

[NH]: I'm sick of these people.  We've had to go through nonstop combat to get here, be lucky you have two sidearms.

[LE]: Just give me the word.

[HA]: Take cover people.

[NH]: Do it.

[LE]: Breaching charge shot, stand back.

[NH]: I'll lead the charge.

[RK]: Get in front, Blitz.

[NH]: On me, hurry the fuck up.  I'll flash them and you three run in.

[HA]: On your go.

[NH]: Move up, move up.

[LE]: This has to be the place.

[NH]: Ash, breach this wall.

[LE]: On it.

[RK]: Any day now, detonation.

[LE]: I shot it, why won't it go off?

[NH]: Let me place a breaching charge.

[RK]: I don't think that's going to work.

[NH]: Seoli, shoot up the bottom of that wall.

[HA]: Solid copy, light it up.

[NH]: Now, stand back.

[RK]: Ah, there were signal jammers.  Probably stole those from the Mute, that would explain why Aaron did things so easily when you explained Kari's disappearance.

[NH]: I'm flashing, move up and clear the room.

[LE]: We've got your back.

[HA]: Code blue, code blue. Cease fire!  Someone's tied up in that chair.

[NH]: Remove that nasty sock mask from their head.

[AM]: It's usually my job to ring ears, but you're a shrill of a noise to sore ears Nate.

[NH]: What happened to you.

[AM]: What, from way back when?  Two days ago?

[NH]: No, from two years ago genius.

[AM]: Some one of those BOPE ops snuck up on me as silent as the wind, struck me to the ground, cut off my comms unit, knocked me out.

[NH]: And what, brought you here?

[AM]: Yeah, they were wanting to know why I was targeting them.  I said because they took one of ours.  They don't believe me.  Kept torturing me method after method.  When they realized I was who I am, they tried to fill me with suicidal thoughts to get me to be intimidated.  Can you believe that?

[NH]: Where's Kari?

[AM]: I'm pretty sure they kept her in one of those damp and dark cells down the steps.

[NH]: What?

[AM]: They alternate who's getting tortured.  I said hi to her once in midst of transfer and they beat me senseless.

[NH]: Everyone, secure Aaron and find his gear and IQ's gear, I'm going down there.

[HA]: Are you sure about that.

[NH]: That's an order.  From then on, you take orders from him.  Aaron, I'm doing this alone.

[RK]: Don't do this, we're going with him.

[LE]: We're a team, I get it if he's trying to play it safe.

[HA]: We can help, please let us.

[AM]: You heard the man, let him do his business.

[NH]: I'll only come back if Kari's with me.

[NH]: Come on, someone's gotta respond to knocking on doors.  For fuck's sake.  This is the last door here.

[KF]: Helloooo?

[NH]: Kari?

[KF]: Nate?

[NH]: Yes, it's me!  We've come to get you out of here.

[KF]: What about Aaron?

[NH]: His operators are extracting him out, I've come to get you.

[KF]: Won't GSG-9 discharge us for being off duty?

[NH]: Well Aaron has negotiating power, I talked that through though.

[KF]: Stop talking, let me out of here.

[NH]: Stand back, I'm going to shoot the lock.

[KF]: Aah that's bright, I haven't seen light in, well, days.

[NH]: What happened?  Do you remember?

[KF]: What, when I was abandoned?

[NH]: What?

[KF]: You left me there.

[NH]: You went silent, we went up there and didn't find you!

[KF]: You left me alone, then some BOPE op pinned me down and, I guess, knocked me out.  I woke up here in this place. With Capitão and the other girl.

[NH]: It was a girl?

[KF]: I've been through pain and suffering the last few days.  I even escaped once and they found me again, that's why I'm in their maximum security gulag cells right now.

[NH]: Look, I wish I had time to explain how sorry I am for everything but we've got to get out of here.

[KF]: You left me alone there!  You let me get captured like a POW to this insane woman!  I'm bruised, beaten, cut, broken, and abandoned.  She's evil, Nate.  You thought I had a lot of scars before?  Now I'll be covered in them.

[NH]: Do we even know what to call her?

[01]: Caveira.

[NH]: Hey now, put the...M9 down.

[01]: You're one of hers, the other German.

[NH]: Look, if you don't let her and my best friend go-

[01]: You'll shoot me?  And then what, everyone's listening.  The Brazilian military will be on this location in minutes if you do anything rash.

[NH] and [01] are aiming their handguns at each other

[NH]: We weren't after BOPE that day, we responded to orders claiming that a biochemical weapon was about to be released-

[01]: We responded to a call to secure a biochemical weapon, and that insurgents were inbound to reclaim it.

[NH]: What the fuck?

[01]: There's no belief that command lied to us, we were given strict orders.

[NH]: And you think we're terrorists?  You're clearly more savage than any of us!

[01]: This girl, along with yourself, are insurgents.  If you give up now, no more harm will come to you and you will be taken into custody-

[KF] grabs [NH]'s USP and opens fire on [01]

[NH]: Wh...

[KF]: I'm not a terrorist.

[NH]: Well now the world is going to think you are.

[KF]: I don't care.

[NH]: We've got to get out of here, what have you done?

[KF]: I'm tired of living this life.

[NH]: What are we going to do?

[KF]: I'm living your life.

[NH]: What?

[KF]: I'm apparently a criminal now.  I can't take living the life of a counter-terrorist anymore.

[NH]: We'll be hunted high and low across the globe, Kari.

[KF]: Not in Mirai Kuni.

[NH]: Do you honestly think Aki is going to conceal us in her city-state?

[KF]: She has for you.

[NH]: Are you sure you're doing the right thing here.

[KF]: I want to stay at home, I want to live off the millions you make already, do what I like doing as hobbies and not a career.  I don't ever want to be in a position that you can lose me ever again.

[NH]: Look, I...well...ok.  If that's what you want.

[KF]: Who did you come here with?

[NH]: Ren, Leila, and Hyun-Ae.

[KF]: What, did Aaron military train them?

[NH]: Yeah.

[KF]: If we know Ren well, she's already come up with a plan to get us out of here.

[RK]: I have, this is Mimitome on the comms.  Get yourselves up here, we've safely extracted Aaron and his gear.  We've got your gear covered too Kari.

[KF]: Thanks, that means a lot for my disappearance.

[RK]: We'll have to get ourselved through another car chase to the carrier plane, Ashton's waiting for us.

[NH]: Let's get a move on.

[KF]: One last thing.

[NH]: Yeah?

[KF]: I know you didn't mean to leave me behind, I'm sorry.

[NH]: Look, it's ok.  We're going to get you out of here.

[KF]: Thank you, you and all four of them upstairs.

[NH]: Come on, let's go home.