887 [NH] [AM] [HA] [LE] and [RK]

[AM]: Alright, this stronghold should provide adequate intel on Kari's location.  We're in position.

[NH]: We'll find her.

[AM]: Roll call, is everyone set?

[RK]: Mimitome set.

[LE]: Ash set.

[HA]: Seoli set.

[AM]: Ready Nate?

[NH]: Let's find her already.

[AM]: About to make a new door, stand back.

[RK]: I see you, all the way from here.  Prepared to move, open that up like swiss cheese.

[AM]: Stole my metaphor.

[LE]: Opening up the "cheese sandwich" room, third floor storage quarters.

[AM]: Anything in there?

[RK]: Yes, multiple hostiles and a hostage.  Cannot identify who.

[NH]: We've got to get up there!

[AM]: We're taking the slow route.  Oh god damn it, he ran off on me.

[LE]: I am under fire from hostiles in room CS, storage quarters, third floor.

[HA]: I'll lay suppressing fire, don't shoot that hostage.

[RK]: I picked one off.

[HA]: Negative confirmed kill, but I lit him up like a Christmas tree.

[AM]: Again, my line.  I'll come up the alternative staircase, around to Seoli to lay suppressing fire.

[NH]: I'm on the main stairs, I'll enter it's clear.

[LE]: Also confirmed hits but not kills.  Any visual on body count?

[HA]: Nope, but it looks clear now.

[RK]: I've got the main wall covered, they didn't reinforce it.

[NH]: Moving in.

[LE]: I've got the window.

[HA]: I'm on your six, Blitz.  Covering the stairs.

[NH]: It's a dummy, negative on the hostage.  Fake.

[HA]: Thermite, any visual on an alternate hostage location?

[LE]: Aaron?

[NH]: Oh shit.

[RK]: Where's Thermite.

[HA]: Rotating to the stairs, I'm moving outside roof, provide overwatch Mimitome.

[RK]: Solid copy.

[NH]: I'll push forward, you cover my six Seoli.

[HA]: Gotcha.

[NH]: Negative visual on Thermite.

[LE]: Oh no.

[HA]: Commander?

[NH]: They took him too.

[RK]: I advise you three leave the area, we may be trapped.  Suspected ambush.

[HA]: It really seems like it.

[RK]: Moving position to vehicle, I'd watch my back closely if I were you.  Good thing I had the keys.

[LE]: I'm moving out, rendevous at the garage entrance.

[HA]: Solid copy, already en route.

[NH]: There you are.

[LE]: Secure this area, we'll wait for Ren.

[HA]: Who leads us three now?

[NH]: He'd probably assume I'd need to.  He always trusted me.

[LE]: You say that like he's dead.

[HA]: He could be alive, we could look for him.

[NH]: You heard Ren, we could all end up like him if we stay here.

[RK]: Get in, quick.  Two armored trucks are tailing me.

[HA]: Does this mean we're going to have a car chase in the streets of Rio?

[NH]: Don't be ridiculous.  Ren, lose them.

Cut End