Happy Valentine's Day 2016!

287 [KF] and [NH]

[NH]: Kari?

[KF]: What.

[NH]: Is something wrong?

[KF]: No, nothing.

[NH]: No, really, is something wrong?

[KF]: Why do you keep asking me that?

[NH]: ...

[KF]: Sure, yes, something's wrong.

[NH]: What is it? Can you tell me?

[KF]: Can we do this later?

[NH]: Kari...

[KF]: Yes? What?

[NH]: You keep saying that.

[KF]: Saying what?

[NH]: That we'll talk about it later.

[KF]: Yes, and?

[NH]: I know it's usually me who is the one answering questions, but I really don't want to make matters worse.

[KF]: What is it already?

[NH]: I saw your most recent psychological report.

[KF]: How...?

[NH]: Now I understand why we haven't gone back yet. They want me to stay with you.

[KF]: ...

[NH]: How come you never told me anything?

[KF]: I...don't know what to do. Everytime I we have to sit with our teams, it's just us two...they filled those seats with those...Canadians...recently.

[NH]: Is that what's wrong?

[KF]: Have you ever had to kill your friends before?!

[NH]: I don't really want to answer that question...

[KF]: Well, I feel like I've done that too much. No one should ever have to kill their friends.

[NH]: By the way you told me, it was to prevent them from a worse fate.

[KF]: I hope they rest in peace.

[NH]: As they should.

[KF]: Yeah.

[NH]: I suppose I understand why this bothers you, but why does this contribute to "Depression"?

[KF]: What?

[NH]: That's what it said.

[KF]: Oh...

[NH]: So.

[KF]: So?

[NH]: I can tell there's something wrong.  Otherwise, you'd be talking away by now.

[KF]: And?

[NH]: I know I don't say a lot, but can you at least explain this to me?

[KF]: What?

[NH]: Why it says you're depressed.

[KF]: What I just explained, that might've made me seem depressed.

[NH]: You're not suicidal, are you?

[KF]: No!  No, I'm not.

[NH]: Good, I really hope you're right.

[KF]: I wouldn't lie to you.

[NH]: For a while, you lied about Dominic and Marius.

[KF]: Don't talk about it like I was hiding a crime!

[NH]: If it weren't their wish, then it really would have been.

[KF]: Stop!

[NH]: I'm sorry, ok?

[KF]: That's a very sensitive topic, don't you understand?

[NH]: Yes, I do.

[KF]: Ok, I'll admit.  I was being really pessimistic during that evaluation, but that doesn't mean I can't fight.

[NH]: It also doesn't mean you absolutely aren't a danger to yourself.

[KF]: Do you want me to go to get a mental evaluation?

[NH]: Maybe, yeah.  I don't mean that harshly.  I'm worried, really!

[KF]: Wait, you hear that?

[NH]: What?

[KF]: I heard a faint beep.

[NH]: I didn't hear anything.

[KF]: Let me check the R.E.D.

[NH]: Well, go ahead.

[KF]: There!

[NH]: Yeah, I see it on there.

[KF]: We can afford to shoot the it, right?  It's not in the wall.

[NH]: No!  Just take it out, it's not like it's recording live.

[KF]: No, they usually aren't.  Wait, this one is!

[NH]: What?

[KF]: "I was the more decieved"!

[NH]: Wow.

[KF]: Whoever's listening, it's hammer time!

[NH]: That's so st-