Uso no RGAWPjpg

Not a railgun nor a sniper rifle, but both

An extrordinary invention towards another person who least deserves such a tool.  Simon yet again created a railgun-like firearm for another lunatic criminal, but a smarter one this time.  Ren was given this on the behalf that she were to pay her respects to Isha every month.  Doing so, as Simon explains, would give a chance (if at all) to quell her spirit.  This rifle was given in return and has been extremely satisfactory, but still requires a lengthy explanation on its operation and specifications.

RGAWP vs. Stock Arctic Warfare Police (AWP)

  • This rifle is technologically a railgun, but it works differently: the beam does extend until it comes in contact with other solid or liquid matter, making wind speed and bullet drop obsolete, but the beam does only the damage of a .388 Lapua round and is only visible in the ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum.
  • The compensator on the end of the barrel is a Dual Rail Wave Merge compensator.  The magazine is a battery, which two beams are made from it and charged in the weapon.  These two beams travel down the barrel and are recombined at this compensator to combine its power and velocity to match that of a .388 Lapua round.  All of this happens in less than a second, after the trigger is pulled.
  • The beam is invisible to all and inaudible to all except the sniper.  Given if anyone had a high speed UV camera, they could see the beam.  The gunshot is typical to that of a railgun, but is quiet enough to only be heard by the shooter and anyone in very close range (15 dB).
  • The scope is different than most, whereas it can act as an automatic spotter however.  This rifle has no calculation of bullet drop or wind speed, but rather of three things: distance, percent chance of lethality (body location specific), and battery power (in percent).
  • This rifle reloads and handles exactly like a stock AWP, reloading and handling (includes bipod).