Engraved on the blade, "Sword of Death"

The very, very old katana used by The Anger as her only means of silent engagement in the field.  It belonged to her father, hence his nickname on the sword's "scabbard" which she kept in his memory.  As it can be slung over her shoulder and on her back, she keeps it at her hip on the right, as she is left-handed but shoots right-handed.  The time of which is was made is unclear other than the general time of 1600-1700, nor it's history of where it was before the time of her father's grandfather.  The modifications on such a weapon are not as sophisticated as a firearm, but are still maintained and present.

Weapon Modifications

  • Ever carefully and precise, the blade is sharpened and maintained to a point where it is claimed that a slice so perfect can be made, that it really could cut a fly in half
  • The tsuba (つば) is a completley circular plate instead of four ovals, which the sword was originally made to have, in a design Ren seems to think relates to herself
  • The engraving near the habaki (はばき) was applied by her father, a few months before his death, to appeal to her and make her happy
  • The placement of the engraving was surprisingly hard to decide on, and the final decision (where credit's due) was helped out by the movie Kill Bill