A new unknown threat has emerged to the Significant Characters.  A threat that has not been identified, a threat that has no face, a threat that even has no real identity.  All 8 of them just call this threat "The Hacker".  "The Hacker" is capable of locating any one of them as well as eavesdropping, spying, and even surveilling them.  "The Hacker" has a list of confidential knowledge on any one of the 8 (somehow) such as Jacob 's death, Aaron and Nate 's history, Ren's past relationships, Kari's secret past, and even how Isha died, and who killed her.  More is to be found out on "The Hacker", and Mr. Nobody even admits he doesn't know anything.  Even if two Significant Characters have a conversation, it's a three way deal.

*One potential identity could be given to "The Hacker" as a shorter means of spelling and saying a name, call me Cyrus if you want

*There are more males than females known in VOAU, but how does that affect the identity of "The Hacker"?

*I really enjoyed Scully's last performance, but I could tell Kari knew it'd be his last when she got that autograph

*I have caught on that everyone (except Aaron, because who wants to be Mettaton? Pfff) is getting really far into this Undertale "role play". It's almost sickening, but who gives a shit. They're just having fun.

Known Events

No I'm not going to give any hints or links, not even a clue. I just want to tantalize you with the urge you have to know as much as possible. I just want you to know that this stuff happened and that I know it all

  • Isha's death *
  • Isha's killers
  • Jacob's death *
  • Deaths related to Aaron
  • Deaths related to Ren
  • Deaths related to Kari *
  • Kari's hidden past *
  • Deaths related to Nate *
  • Ren's body count
  • Ren's love life *
  • Simon's SCP life *
  • Nate's love life *
  • Aaron's love life *
  • Jacket's history
  • Wolf's family
  • Mr. Nobody's connection to Alex, Nate, and Aaron
  • Ashton and Alex's connection *
  • Cassandra's death *
  • Scully's info on Mr. Foster's location
  • Aaron's hidden past *
  • Alex's secret plan *

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It's time you found out

Some kind of nature

Dark darker yet darker


This is a police sketch artist's attempt at recreating the two potential suspects known as "The Hacker"

Police Sketch The Hacker